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This course comprises the following modules:

DAY 1: Communicate to Impress
DAY 2: Deliver Presentations with Impact
DAY 3: Develop Soft Skills for the Workplace
DAY 4: Gain Guidance from Career Gurus
DAY 5: Write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter
DAY 6: Stay Ahead in Group Discus
Below are the list of few companies(in alphabetical order) in Pune who are in need of Cloud Engineers mostly AWS.
Please visit their company portal and LinkedIn page and also search in the job portals and apply for the open position at the earliest.

3D PLM Software Solutions Ltd
3RI Tech
skyakram posted Jan 17 '20 at 10:53 am
1) Tell me about your day to day activities
2) Tell me about your project & your role
3)how will a secure my public ip except nacl and sg
4)i have 1private bucket in s3 i want to provide 10k people for read securely?
5)what is key rotation?
6)how will find out which server privat
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